Permanent Recruiting

The Career Works helps you identify the right talent for roles, across various levels in your organization, in the shortest possible time. We specialize in the recruitment and selection of the best talent available across a variety of disciplines.

Our dedicated permanent recruitment team, has an extensive network of contacts including access to our unrivalled recruitment database, in order to recruit the professionals you need for your business.

Our consultants have specific knowledge of their relevant technology area and provide a seamless recruitment service working as an extension to many in-house teams. They work hard, not only to match a candidate’s skills and technical competencies, but also to make sure that their personality is a good fit with their company culture.

Given the breadth and depth of our experience, our team has an extensive network of contacts and long-standing relationships within their specific sectors.

Our service can include sourcing, scheduling, interviewing, testing, reference checking and most importantly continuous improvement techniques supported with strong technology platforms to ensure a predictable guaranteed closure of workforce.

Our Service flow includes

  • Data Search
  • Short Listing
  • Interview Follow-ups
  • Offer Letter/Joining